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CAROZCRAFT SUNROOF has been market leader in the field of Sunroof in Malaysia, CAROZCRAFT is proud of being the advanced technology. Our plant is located in Desa Pandan Kuala Lumpur.
All of our highly skilled employees are endeavoring to satisfy our customers with defect-free products at competitive price.
In order to meet customers ever increasing demand, we focus on offering car manufacturers in Malaysia competitive edge through quality, reliability and advanced proven technology.
CAROZCRAFT considers customer's position first and always do our best to develop new products as requested by our customers.

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Untuk peminat2 kereta tu..kalu rase nak letak sunroof kat atas bumbung kete boleh pegi kat site ni dan intai. Macam2 jenis sunroof boleh dapat. Kelulusan dari JPJ pun boleh dibuat disini. OK!

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