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Israk Mikraj


Building of Cyberjaya Mosque

A Call to All Muslims in Cyberjaya

To: State Authorities and Cyberjaya Stakeholders
CYBERJAYA is 10 years old. Once an estate planted with rubber and oil palm trees, it is a visionary project that is set to place Malaysia on the world map as a premier hub for Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Officially launched in May 1997, it is now dubbed the world's intelligent city, having transformed over the last 10 years into a fully integrated development. However, one item has been overlooked over and over again, that is the construction of the Cyberjaya Mosque.

We no longer accept the delay of the mosque construction. Therefore, we, the undersigned, are in support of the construction of a Cyberjaya Mosque as soon as possible. We hope that the Cyberjaya Muslim community will enjoy the benefit of the construction of a Cyberjaya mosque, and we are asking the authorities or Cyberjaya Stakeholders to help make this a reality.


The Undersigned

Web Address: Click the link below to sign petition

Kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat...sokonglah pembinaan masjid ini...

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